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Sfumato 2022

A miraculous apparition of Corazón Desfasado!

Corazón Desfasado is a hybridized, ambiguous and distinct saint. Queen of the dollar market, she is the misunderstood, the submissive, a heart out of phase. She is the voyeur of consoling purchases, the lullaby of confused discourses, the night-light of celestial inconsistencies. It is an ostentatious response to intercultural misunderstandings. Its separation of identity is magical. Since 2005, she shares with her devotees the benefits of her apparitions.

Corazón Desfasado was created by Helena Martin Franco, a transdisciplinary artist who has lived and worked in Tiohtiá:ke-Mooniyang-Montreal since 1998. Her interdisciplinary practice explores the blending of different artistic processes and the hybridization between traditional techniques and new technologies. Helena creates autofictions where she explores the permeability and boundaries between cultural, national and gender identities. Her artistic proposals contribute to the dialogue about gender-based violence, immigration and artistic censorship. From a feminist perspective, she forges links between collectives and cultural organizations to foster encounters and exchanges of artistic practices, particularly between Canada and Colombia. She is the founder of L’Araignée, a contemporary art collective; La Redhada, Red de mujeres artistas del Caribe colombiano; CAVCA, Comunidad de artistas visuales de Cartagena y Bolívar; and Las meninas emputás! , a Cartagena anti-colonial activist collective. Winner of the 2018 POWERHOUSE PRIZE, who holds a Master’s degree in visual and media arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal, her work has been presented in the Dominican Republic, Lithuania, Spain, New Zealand, Colombia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Argentina, Cuba and Canada.

This performance takes up the pictorial technique of Leonardo da Vinci, the SFUMATO, for the realization of a metaphorical action on the effects of research social and cultural integration. The saint and the artist wish to reflect on the body, on space and on one of the processes of adaptation (assimilation) of migrant identities in a territory that is in search of permanent reaffirmation. The edges of the body speak of human boundaries. The contours of the arms and legs fade into the background color. Body and space become one image, one painting.


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