Confiteor, Yo confieso, I confess

Video, 12:15 min

“The video Confiteor evokes the Catholic prayer of confession and is performed by Corazon Desfasado (Heart Out-of-Sync), a fictitious character who embodies a new saint that is a mixture of catholic iconography and pornography. Through this character, the artist explores the definition assigned to the identity of the female body by institutions, religion, and the advertising world. Corazón Desfasado often creates series offering messages of redemption; Confietor is one of these.
Confiteor (2006) is comprised of three videos that are projected simultaneously. In these videos, the saint recapitulates several notions used in the current political discourse, words that serve to control and seduce public opinion. In this piece, political speeches and religious prayers are juxtaposed to reveal their power to manipulate, in the case of Confiteor, through a sense of guilt.”
(Circles against gender violence in Spain and Latin America)

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